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128 Technology is outstanding

The US company 128 Technology Inc. from Boston, Massachusetts was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind: To develop innovative routing software that meets today’s network demands.

But why is the time now more than overdue to replace existing network structures and rely on a new technology?

Never change a running system?

SD WAN products from traditional vendors quickly reach their limits when measured against today’s business requirements: There is room for improvement not only in terms of security and performance, but above all the issue of flexibility is becoming increasingly important. Companies scale, open new locations, need mobile workplaces and use cloud connections.

The problem of SD-WAN products from other manufacturers is quickly found: Site networking is still based on the IPSec technology introduced in 1995. It is obvious that a 25-year-old encryption technology cannot be the ideal answer to today’s challenges and has a number of drawbacks. Inflexible VPN tunnels, no seamless failover to different lines, an unnecessarily large overhead (administrative data in the individual data packets), lack of “single pane of glass” functionality (control via one interface) and insufficient monitoring are just a few of the many limitations.

After numerous implemented customer projects as Europe’s leading 128T partner and operator of the largest 128T network structure, we can claim: 128T routing technology is the answer to our customers’ network problems. And these problems could not be more different: Insufficient performance, network failures, jammed structures, lack of overview, unused bandwidth. The list is long.

Take a look at some examples of our successfully implemented projects.

The solution: Session based SD-WAN

128 Technology has rethought the subject of networks and SD-WAN from the ground up. In a way, it started on a “greenfield site” and the company founders asked themselves the question: How would you design today’s network without regard to legacy issues? Which functionalities and characteristics must today’s network offer in order to guarantee performance, flexibility and security – without having to make compromises?

While conventional (IPSec-based) VPNs build tunnels for data transmission, the routing technology of 128T relies on so-called sessions. This leads above all to more flexibility and less overhead and offers many more advantages that make working in your company more efficient.
Already, major customers worldwide rely on Secure Vector Routing (SVR) established by 128 Technology, whose locations are connected to thousands of 128T routers and which will also take your network to a whole new level.

Learn more about this innovative SVR technology here.

From a founder’s perspective

In this video Andy Ory, founder and CEO of 128T, briefly introduces his company and more importantly his vision about how a modern SD-WAN should be build. 

What does SVR do in detail?

Would you like to learn more about the breakthrough technology of 128 Technology? No problem: We have summarized all the advantages, technical details and possibilities for you.