We thought ahead

We strongly believe that 128T technology will take today’s networks to a new level worldwide. We at ambiFOX run the most complex 128T network environment, but we go one step further…

One tool for all

The innovative routing software of 128T includes the so-called conductor. This is the name of the interface that can be used to control and configure the entire network. The Conductor provides deep insights into the structure of a network and offers a wide range of functionalities. But that also means that it is extremely complex – by experts for experts, so to speak.

Daher haben wir es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, ein Tool zu entwickeln, für dessen Nutzung man eben kein Experte sein muss. Das ambiPORTAL ist als Erweiterung zur 128T-Software zu betrachten und kann von Kunden und Partnern gleichermaßen genutzt werden, um Netzwerke zu steuern und zu überwachen. Unsere Plattform ist übersichtlich und einfach zu bedienen. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!

What does the portal do?

  • Manage locations
  • Planning new router locations
  • Monitoring of all routers incl. status display: Faults and their cause are detected even if the user is not aware of them, because 128T automatically redirects the data traffic in case of bottlenecks.
  • User administration
  • Individual assignment of rights: Not every user has to see everything. While in the Conductor you can only differentiate between “Read-only” and “Admin”, functionalities and views can be customized for each user.
  • Orders can be placed and automatically go out to the supplier.

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